Bram W Schirkophf /Membership Application

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Bram W Schirkophf /Membership Application

Post by Kaiser Bram W Schirkophf on Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:19 pm

Ruler Name : Bram W Schirkophf
Nation Name :UnanimousStatesofAlp
Nation Link :
Do you understand the Immigration Laws as they have been explained? yes
Have you updated your alliance affiliation to The Prussian Empire? yes
Have you changed your Nation Resources within the last 30 days? no
Are you currently involved in any wars? yes but sent peace
Previous alliances, if any, and reasons for leaving your previous alliance(s) : was never in a previous alliance.
Were you invited to join The Prussian Empire? If so, by whom? Yes,  Heinrich I of Das Ostfrankenreich

Why do you wish to belong to The Prussian Empire? The Prussian Empire is Germany and so is my nation. Also it's a privilege to be apart of a great force to convey power.
The Prussian Empire is a non-raiding alliance and does not permit members to engage in wars of any kind without prior authorization. Do you agree to comply with this policy? Yes, my nation agrees.
I, [Kaieser Bram W Schirkophf of UnanimousStatesofAlp], pledge to uphold the Prussian Constitution and serve The Prussian Empire honorably and to the best of my ability at all times.

Kaiser Bram W Schirkophf

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