Brief Introduction to The Prussian Empire

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Brief Introduction to The Prussian Empire

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Brief Introduction to The Prussian Empire

The Prussian Empire is a Cyber Nations gaming community which portrays the political, aristocratic and military traditions of the Prussian era of German history beginning from the time of 1648, with the Treaty of Westphalia and the Age of Enlightenment, up to the time of Prussian hegemony in Europe in 1871 and the Age of Realpolitik.

The Prussian Empire is a Constitutional Monarchy with the Monarch serving as Head of State. The Monarch serves permanently in his position and is only removed by resignation or circumstances outlined by the Prussian Constitution. To view the Constitution of The Prussian Empire click HERE

The Chancellor is elected once a year by popular vote and conducts the day to day affairs of The Prussian Empire.  

The Government of The Prussian Empire is headed by The Chancellor, and comprised of Cabinet Ministers appointed by the Monarch who head the Ministries of The Prussian Empire. The Ministries are presided over by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Interior and the Minister of War.

The Legislative body of The Prussian Empire is the Royal Prussian Parliament. Members of Parliament are directly elected every six months by popular vote. They are charged with enacting law which govern and protect Citizens of the The Prussian Empire.

The Supreme Court of The Prussian Empire ensures that the Constitution of the Prussian Empire is upheld, and that all judicial issues within the Empire are ruled upon according to law. The Supreme Court is presided over by the Cabinet Ministers, the Chancellor and Monarch. The Monarch presides as Chief Justice.

The Prussian Empire was created on 11/16/2015 and maintains a Protectorate Treaty with the Knights of the Round Table.

The current government structure of The Prussian Empire is as follows:

König - Monarch

In addition to duties as Monarch, CnaedmacAilpn also currently oversees the Ministry of War

Kanzler - Chancellor

In addition to duties as Kanzler, Erakian also currently manages Foreign Policy

Minister of Finance

Minister of Interior
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