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Immigration Laws Empty Immigration Laws

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 07, 2015 3:08 pm

Nations applying to The Prussian Empire for Citizenship must comply to the following Immigration Laws, as outlined below, before being considered for Membership.        

  • The Applicant must not be involved in any aggressive wars (wars initiated by you) at the time of Application submittal. Aggressive wars must be resolved before the Applicant is considered for membership; Applicants engaged in defensive wars (you were attacked) may apply and may also be eligible for Financial Aid if accepted; Applicants that declare war on another nation after they submit their Application will be denied membership.

  • The Prussian Empire is a non-raiding alliance. Members of The Prussian Empire may not declare war on other nations at any time without Government consent. Unauthorized wars will result in ejection from The Prussian Empire;

  • The Applicant understands that, in the interest of mutual protection and defense of our national borders, 1) all members are to serve in the Prussian national military and are assigned to units according to their nation strength and 2) expected to respond to drills and participate in mobilizations as instructed.

  • The Applicant must provide a valid link to their nation in their Member Application. Your Nation Link is located in the URL when viewing your CN in-game Nation Page and will appear like this:

  • The Applicant must not owe Technology or money to any prior Alliances;

  • The Applicant must not be on any Alliance's Permanent ZI (Zero Infrastructure) List;

  • The Applicant must submit a Membership Application Form HERE

*The Prussian Empire will reserve the right to waive one or more stipulations as outlined in the preceding Immigration Laws, at it's discretion, to accommodate extenuating circumstances and/or special cases.


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