TheRedSoviet's Membership Application

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TheRedSoviet's Membership Application Empty TheRedSoviet's Membership Application

Post by Bismarck on Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:52 pm


Ruler Name : TheRedSoviet

Nation Name : Soviet RSFSR

Nation Link : 600527

Do you understand the Immigration Laws as they have been explained? I clearly understand the immigration laws as aforementioned

Have you updated your alliance affiliation to The Prussian Empire? Yes

Have you changed your Nation Resources within the last 30 days? No

Are you currently involved in any wars? Yes (Attacked by raider as of February 8; Engaged in a defensive war)

Previous alliances, if any, and reasons for leaving your previous alliance(s) : Union of Communist Republics (UCR); I was exiled for not representing my previous in the best light possible, as a Foreign Affairs official

Were you invited to join The Prussian Empire? If so, by whom? N/A

Why do you wish to belong to The Prussian Empire? I have previously been in The Prussian Empire but for a short time. I wish to belong to it as I desire an alliance which is small and has a peaceful policy instead of a war-oriented one.I also desire to keep playing the game within a community to which I can teach about various subjects, In and Out of Character. I would like to see myself to contribute to this alliance as long I would potentially reside here, if I were accepted.If more details are requested from me, I can PM those.

The Prussian Empire is a non-raiding alliance and does not permit members to engage in wars of any kind without prior authorization. Do you agree to comply with this policy? I agree to comply with this policy and as mentioned above, I wish to not be engaged in any war and help contribute the alliance I would reside in.

I, TheRedSoviet, pledge to uphold the Prussian Constitution and serve The Prussian Empire honorably and to the best of my ability at all times.

*Note: I have been unexpectedly attacked by a rogue and would like to request assistance in any form please.


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TheRedSoviet's Membership Application Empty Re: TheRedSoviet's Membership Application

Post by CnaedmacAilpn on Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:37 am

Sorry, but you are in a war and as long as you are, we cannot accept. Also there seem to be major issues with past alliances, once this has been cleared up, we can reconsider.


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